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Starting Line

What time does the race start and where?
The Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay will start at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 200 ATP Tour Blvd. View Course Information »

Is the course a Boston Qualifier?
YES!  This race is a Boston Qualifier. The marathon USATF certification number is FL12084EBM and the half-marathon USATF certification number is FL12083EBM. 26.2 with DONNA has ranked one of the fastest in the state of Florida, and has consistently ranked in the top 10 fastest marathon times by Floridians since the inaugural year in 2008 as reported by USATF.

Will there be parking at the start for both participants and spectators?
There is FREE parking for all participants and spectators at the start of the race beginning at 4:00 a.m. race morning. Read more »

Will there be bus transportation to the start from area parking lots?
No.  But carpooling is encouraged. Read more »

Will there be bus transportation to the start from hotels?
There will be bus transportation for hotel guests only from the DONNA host hotel. Read more »

Will there be bus transportation from the finish at Mayo back to ATP Tour Blvd?
YES! Read more »

Will there be spectator bus transportation?
Yes.  Free spectator parking and bus transportation to Mayo Clinic is available at 8:00 a.m. from THE PLAYERS Championship Parking Venue at the race start.  Read more »

General Information

What time does the race start?
The full, half and marathon relay events will begin at 7:30 a.m. EST.

I’m not a runner, but want to be involved! Are there options for me?
Absolutely! In addition to our volunteer program, we encourage everyone across Jacksonville and surrounding areas to support the cause and cheer on our runners on race day! More info »

Is 26.2 with DONNA a Boston qualifier?
YES!  This race is a Boston Qualifier. The marathon USATF certification number is FL12084EBM and the half-marathon USATF certification number is FL12083EBM. 26.2 with DONNA has ranked one of the fastest in the state of Florida, and has consistently ranked in the top 10 fastest marathon times by Floridians since the inaugural year in 2008 as reported by USATF.

How long will the course remain open?
The course will be open for 7 hours, allowing for a 16-minute per mile marathon and marathon relay, or a 32-minute per mile half marathon pace.

Are walkers welcome?
Walkers are welcome for the half marathon. Race walkers and runners following a run/walk method who are able to complete the full marathon in 7 hours are welcome for the full marathon. Major highways will be opened at the 7 hour limit, and participants will not be allowed on these roads for safety reasons.

Do you offer a wheelchair division?
Yes. There is a push rim wheelchair division for both the Full and Half Marathon events, and a crank wheelchair division for the Full Marathon. During the registration process, athletes should select “push rim” or “crank” when prompted. Aligning with USATF guidelines, we ask that all athletes register in advance. Expo registration for wheelchair athletes will not be accepted.

Are strollers allowed?
Strollers are not allowed on the Full, Half or Relay Marathon course.  Strollers are allowed on the 10K and 5K courses, but must start in the back of the field.

Are headphones allowed?
The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at this race. To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants, DONNA encourages a headphone-free environment during the running of our events.

I have a family member who wants to run across the finish line with me, but is not registered. Is this allowed?
No. Only officially registered participants, volunteers and race officials are allowed on the course. If you do not have a race number, volunteer t-shirt or race official credentials you will be asked to leave the course.

May I drive to and park at the starting line?
There will be FREE on-site parking for all participants and spectators at the start at 200 ATP Tour Blvd. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARK AT THE START.

How will my neighborhood or business be impacted by road closures on race day?
We encourage all Jacksonville residents and businesses to get involved on race day and PINK THIS TOWN! A complete list of road closures, hold and release patterns, and ways you can join the fun is available from our Spectator page »

I want to meet a runner at the finish line, but I don’t want to go early. What are my options?
Bus service to the Mayo Campus will be provided at 8:00 a.m. from Race Start Parking.  More information »

Registration Information

How do I register?
Register online or request an entry form to mail in your entry. More details »

Will I be able to register the day of the race, and will there be a cap on registrations?
Day of race registration is not available. Runners may register online or at the DONNA Expo February 9 and 10. There is no registration cap on full or half marathon events. The Marathon Relay is limited to 250 teams. The DONNA Booby Trap Challenge is limited to 600 participants. The Treasured Chest Challenge is limited to 250 participants.

How do I know if I am registered?
You will receive an e-mail confirming your race registration. We will not send separate confirmation cards. To confirm your registration, you may search our registrants directory.

I am unable to confirm my registration or my registration confirmation contains an error. What should I do?
Please call the DONNA Marathon office at 904-355-PINK (7465) or e-mail us at to report the error. After Tuesday, February 6 please check in at the Runner Relations desk at the Expo.

When and where do I pick-up my race packet?
Race packet pick-up for the DONNA Full, Half and Marathon Relay is at the DONNA Expo, held Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10 at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center. There is no race packet pick-up on race morning.

I am not able to make it to Race Packet Pick-up. What do I do?
You may have another person (family member or friend) pick up your race packet for you. The person picking up your race packet will need the following:

  • Your confirmation e-mail.
  • His or her photo ID.

He or she will need to present these materials to a race official and will be required to show ID in order to verify the identity of the person picking up the race packet.

I am injured, pregnant, or no longer able to attend the race. Can I get a refund?
Entry fees are non-refundable. But feel good that 100% of race proceeds go to breast cancer research and care!

Can I defer my entry to next year?
No. Entry deferments are not permitted.

Can I give/sell my number to another person?
No. Entries and race numbers are non-transferable from one person to another.

Can I change my race registration?
Yes! Go to to manage your registration. We do not provide refunds for changes from the full to the half, and you will responsible to pay for the additional amount owed from the half to the full. Registration switch for existing race registrations will be accepted through 1/12/18. After this date, change requests will only be accepted at the DONNA Expo.  Please pick-up your bib for the race you are currently registered, and take the bib to Runner Relations.  You will be issued a new bib.

Online registration switch is not available from Fundraiser Experience events at this time.

Can I change my race registration to include the Treasured Chest Challenge?
If you are currently registered for the DONNA Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K or a DONNA Booby Trap division, you may switch your registration to another DONNA Marathon Weekend Event including the Treasured Chest Challenge. Registration fees at the time of switch apply.Go to to manage your registration. Registration switch for existing race registrations will be accepted through 1/12/18. After this date, change requests will only be accepted at the DONNA Expo.  Please pick-up your bib for the race you are currently registered, and take the bib to Runner Relations.  You will be issued a new bib.

Can I register for both the DONNA Booby Trap Challenge and the Treasured Chest Challenge?
Runners interested in participating in both the DONNA Booby Trap Challenge and the Treasured Chest Challenge will receive a multi-event registration discount valued at the current registration price of the DONNA Full or Half Marathon.  This discount will be automatically applied at the check out page during registration.  You must register for both Challenges at the same time to receive the discount.

Online Fundraising

How can I add a page?
Visit and click on ‘Setup Your Fundraiser’, enter your email and the additional information requested.

My page isn’t working, how can I get help?
Email a description of your problem to Our team will help troubleshoot the problem.

Where can I enter cash or check donations I’ve received?
We’ll take care of that for you! Mail all offline donations to the DONNA Headquarters at 11762 Marco Beach Drive, Suite 6, Jacksonville, FL 32224 before March 31. Our staff will validate the offline donation and the value will credit to your fundraising account. Please complete and attach the offline donation form located on our Fundraising Resources page.

Galloway Pace Groups

Who are the Pacers?
Many of our pacers are Galloway Program Directors or Group leaders who spend much of the year training runners to achieve their personal goals. All of our pacers are experienced marathoners with Personal Records quite a bit faster than the times they will be pacing.

How will I find my Pacer?
All of the official pacers for DONNA will carry a flag bearing the race logo, their goal time, and their name.

Will all pacers use walk breaks?
All of our pacers will be using Jeff Galloway’s recommended run/walk/run method and will take walk breaks according to Jeff’s personal instructions.

What if I don’t want to walk?
All of the pacers at DONNA will be staying on pace for their projected finish times throughout the run. If you are following a different run/walk plan than the pacer with your time goal, just keep the pacer in sight and stick to your plan. If you find yourself faltering late in the race, tuck in with the pace group and let the energy of the pack carry you to the finish.

Will there be any pace groups for the half-marathon?
YES! Again this year through our partnership with Marathon High, we will offer pace groups for the half-marathon. If your target pace is not covered, we encourage you to join up with the marathon group that is going your pace. In other words, those looking for a 2:30 half should fall in with the 5-hour group until 6.5 miles when the two courses part ways. Thousands of runners have used this technique over the last four years at DONNA, and the feedback we have received indicates that most of them are able to maintain the pace using the same run/walk/run ratio and reach their half-marathon goals.

What specific pace groups are offered?
Pace groups offered, including run/walk ratios, are listed on our Galloway Pace Groups page.

If I want to run a 4-hour (3-hour, 5-hour, etc.) marathon, how fast must I go between walk breaks?
This is probably the question, in all its forms (3:05, 3:30, 4:30, 5:00, etc.) I get asked the most, and it’s not as easy to answer as people expect. Let’s take the 4:00 marathon group, for example, The 4:00 group walks for 1 minute after every 4 minutes of running and averages 9:09 per mile. As for running and walking pace, those are harder to nail down since there are so many variables out there (placement of water tables, bottlenecks on the course, etc.). In general, each group maintains a pace 20 – 30 seconds under the goal so that when the walking factored in we stay on pace. For an average 9:09, we try to stay at about 8:40 pace during the runs so that we hit the mile marks at 9:09. In reality, we adjust a little bit each mile to fine tune. So, the short answer is, “Run about 30 seconds faster,” but the best answer is, “Adjust at each mile mark and rely on Galloway pacers when you can.” The great thing about running with a pace group is that you don’t have to stress about when to walk or how fast to run: you just tag along and enjoy yourself – relax and let the pacers worry about staying on pace. You can find run/walk groups popping up informally at races all over, and more and more race directors are inviting us to provide them. Currently the only marathon that uses Galloway Pacers as the exclusive official pacers is 26.2 with DONNA. You can find a full list of pace groups and their planned run/walk ratio on the Galloway Pace Groups page.

Marathon Relay

Will you cap relay registrations?
Yes, we will limit the relay to the first 250 teams to register.

How many people are required to participate as a relay team?
Up to five (5) participants are required to register as a relay team. One or more participants can choose to run multiple legs; however, they must be consecutive legs. There will be no transportation between legs during the race.

How do I register a team, and how is order determined?
Team Captains may register online and will designate the members of the team by race leg. Team Captains will be responsible for picking up the team’s race packet and bibs at the DONNA Expo. To change a team member or race leg, simply swap bib numbers contained in your race packet.  The entire team will run with the same number.

How will be our team receive an official time?
Each team will be timed as a team. An assigned relay baton is your timing device! Please be sure to hold the baton at waist level when crossing timing mats on the course and at the Celgene Start/Finish Line.

How does hand-off work?
Leg 1 will begin with the marathon and half-marathon start at 7:30 a.m. There will be an official ‘Exchange Zone’ for each of the following legs where teammates will tag up. It is best to know what time your team mate is expected to come in to the exchange zone so you can be ready. As your teammate approaches, race officials will announce the team name. Outgoing team members will be waiting in an assigned corral in the exchange zone based in the team’s bib number. Incoming team members will pass the timing baton to the outgoing team member. More information »

Can I add someone if one drops out?
For all registration revisions, please contact us at or visit the Runner Relations desk at the Expo.


I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?
Individual and group volunteer registration opens in October. Check out volunteer opportunities here »

What happens after I sign up online to be a volunteer?
You will receive an email with specific instructions and information regarding the volunteer opportunity and parking instructions. An email will be sent approximately one week prior to event with more information.

What if I sign up to volunteer, but am not able to participate?
Email the volunteer coordinator, if possible, at the email address listed on the race web page or send an email to

What if I cannot work the whole shift?
Once you sign up, we count on you for the full shift. We cannot replace you if you leave early. Sometimes the shift may seem over-staffed and slow, but often we are preparing for a rush or working around parking. We count on each volunteer for help at the busy end of the shift.

Can I split the shift with a friend?
No. Shift times are lengthy because it is difficult to arrive and park or drive away in the middle of a start or finish line shift. Additionally, we often have 400-600 volunteers scattered in a square mile… switching midway through a shift is difficult for the majority of our shifts. That is why it is crucial that volunteers remain for the full length of the shift. We can not replace you.

I did not receive my race crew information email.
An email will be sent approximately one week prior to the event with more information. If it is less than a week to the race and you still have not received an email, please call (904) 355-PINK(7465) or email

I would like to volunteer at a water station.
Water stations are typically staffed by large groups. As an individual it may be difficult to get the team information. We suggest volunteering at the start line or finish line for an exciting day or any of the other exciting opportunities leading to the day of the race.

Are meals provided?
A bagged lunch will be provided with your volunteer goodies. While we discourage carrying items that can be lost, you will always have a corner or table you can tuck a bag with snacks and other items that you may need such as jacket, sunscreen etc.

Is parking paid?
All volunteers who have signed up to work will receive directions for free parking. We do not reimburse for parking.

How should I dress?
Wear comfortable shoes, layers for cool to hot temperatures and clothes that are comfortable. You will receive a volunteer t-shirt that identifies you as a part of the Official Race Crew.

What should I bring with me?
As little as possible, there is no storage so you will have to carry any items you bring with you. Almost all areas will have a corner where everyone can set their jacket or snacks but it will not be secure.

Can children volunteer?
The official age for an unaccompanied child to volunteer is 16 on Race day; 18 for the Expo. With supervision, adults may bring their younger children, except at the Expo. We are concerned about safety and the ability to stay focused on a job for the time involved. We have many places that are good for children as long as the ratio of adults to children is adequate and the children are old enough to work the entire shift. Direct any questions on this issue to the volunteer coordinator in an email.

What if I am unable to stand for long periods of time?
The expo requires numerous volunteers in the registration area on Friday and Saturday. Seated positions are available there. The information booths at the start and finish line are also available.

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